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Technology Tip: Social Bookmarking with Delicious

February 22, 2013

Have you ever racked your brain trying to remember the address of a great website?  To keep a list of your favorite websites a click away, try using a social bookmarking site like  With Delicious, you can bookmark (Internet Explorer calls them “favorites”) any website, and then access the bookmark through your Delicious account whenever you are connected to the Internet.

Setting up a Delicious account is easy and free.  Because Delicious is a web-based system, it’s simple to share your bookmarked websites with other people and search for people’s recommended bookmarks. You also have the option to keep your bookmarks private. To simplify things, Delicious offers a bookmarklet button that can be added to your web browser tool bar.  Clicking on the button instantly adds the website you are viewing to your Delicious bookmarks. Organizing your Delicious bookmarks is done with the use of tags, which are words or word phrases you associate with the website.  For example, you might assign the tag “teaching strategies” to bookmarked websites that offer helpful information on teaching. Clicking on “teaching strategies” in your Delicious account will display all the websites you’ve associated with that tag.

For more information about using Delicious, read their Frequently Asked Questions page.

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