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‘Mend’ Exhibition by Courtney McDaniel now in Blowers Gallery!

July 6, 2018


Paintings by Courtney McDaniel

Where: Ramsey Library’s Blowers Gallery
When: July 1st-30th, 2018

Come see UNCA Bachelor of Fine Arts alumna Courtney McDaniel’s ‘Mend’ exhibition of paintings now in Ramsey Library’s Blowers Gallery. The exhibit will be available for view during the library’s open hours until July 30th, 2018. In the artist’s own words:

Art has always served as my preferred form of self-expression. As a quiet, introverted person, I find it easier to convey my thoughts and ideas through creating artwork. It also serves a method for communicating, not only with others, but with myself as well. Through my development as an artist, I have adapted to using art as a way to work through difficult experiences and emotions. Painting has allowed me to harness my emotions and release them through layers, textures, motions, and the overall art making process. Art making has become my own way of mending the “broken” parts of my life in order to move forward in a more positive mindset. This body of work is an embodiment of that as it shows an amalgamation of my work over the years.


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