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NCKNOWS Chat Service

October 1, 2017

NCKNOWS, the statewide virtual reference program that has powered our chat service, has been discontinued due to changing funding priorities. UNC Asheville users are encouraged to send research assistance and other questions to

Read more about this decision.


Create in the Media Design Lab!

September 11, 2017
Have you tried out Ramsey Library’s Media Design Lab? It is an interactive learning space where students, faculty and staff from all academic departments come to create images, videos, printed designs, presentations, sound, websites and more. No experience is needed since lab assistants are available to help you through the process.


What can you create? This highlight reel showcases media projects created by students of various academic and campus departments at UNC Asheville. Many of the examples shown are course assignments requiring students, who are often novices to the software, to communicate their research through visuals, sound, websites, or printed media. Not sure how to get started? No problem: one-on-one software instruction and assistance is available. Come try out the MDL on Ramsey Library’s Lower Level, beside the CrAFT Studio or check out the Media Design Lab’s information page here.

Disability Cultural Center is NOW in Ramsey Library!

August 29, 2017
If you’ve seen some changes down in the Lower Level of Ramsey Library across from the Media Lab/Craft Studio, near the elevator (and in front of the bathroom) — it’s because the Disability Cultural Center now has a new home here! They are still very much in the process of moving in, and you will see more changes as the year progresses.


The Disability Cultural Center is open whenever the library is open. There will be a student staffer there during the Free Hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but frequently other students, staff and faculty familiar with the DCC may be found there working on projects, having lunch, or just hanging out.


Access to the Lower Level bathrooms remains unchanged: one of the exciting aspects about this new space is that it’s open to all. Even when there are activities happening, you’re free to walk through as usual.


About the DCC: Established at UNC Asheville in Fall 2016, the Disability Cultural Center specifically focuses on disability as diversity, and serves primarily as a safe space for community connection and shared culture between students with disabilities. The center welcomes all students, faculty, staff, and community members who share the common goal of advocating for greater inclusiveness in both campus and community settings.


Some upcoming events in the Disability Cultural Center:

Breaking News Consumer’s Handbook

August 28, 2017

Aware of the problems of unreliable news but not sure of how to effectively vet the sources you see? New York Public Radio’s On the Media series has produced a number of ‘Breaking News Consumer’s Handbook’ audio interviews with experts that we in Ramsey Library recommend for gaining insight into critically thinking about the many excited reports of dire happenings from the media.

Breaking_News_On_the_MediaThe archived and freely available complete series can be found here.

For more in-depth studies of critical thinking in information use, appropriate at the classroom level, please also check out our course on Information Literacy and our new ProQuest Research Companion Database.


Eclipse Resources

August 19, 2017

If your mind is on the celestial goings on, we hope you’ll enjoy our eclipse- and astronomy-themed resources!

Book Cover Image     Book Cover Image            

Find more >>

New Exhibit: Gross-Breesen Farm for Holocaust-Era Jewish Youth

August 9, 2017
Exhibit: In Ramsey Library’s Blowers Gallery until September 9th, during regular library hours.


Reception: Held in the Blowers Gallery from 3-5pm on Saturday, September 9th (the exhibition’s final day). The closing reception will be attended by the exhibition’s curator, New York City-based photographer Steve Strauss as well as some of the Gross Breesen relatives.


This exhibit tells the story of Jewish youth at Gross-Breesen, an agricultural training farm on border of Germany and Poland established before World War II to help Jewish youth escape mounting Nazi oppression before the start of the Holocaust.  At Gross-Breesen, children learned farming, gardening, crafts and household duties, along with foreign languages, heritage cultivation and character development.


On  Nov 9 & 10 1938 the day of Kristallnacht, the Nazis attacked the school and the Jewish youth 18 years and older were taken to Buchenwald concentration camp. But thanks to a network of supporters of the Gross-Breeseners’,  the 130 Jewish youth who completed the program were able to obtain visas and immigrate to accepting countries around the world. Here is some insightful background on the origins of the exhibition from the daughter of one Gross-Breesener.


20170808_17055920170808_170700sleeping couple

Please visit : for more details.

Original Press Release

New Book Release by UNCA Professor Brian Butler

August 9, 2017

Congratulations to UNC Asheville’s own Distinguished Professor of Humanities Brian Butler on his new book, The Democratic Constitution! Come join celebrations at a book launch party on August 24th, 7pm @ Black Mountain College and Arts Center, 69 Broadway in Downtown Asheville. Dr. Butler will speak on his new book and its connections to Black Mountain College-infused ideas related to democratic aims and experimental practice. For more information, please see this News Release.

The Democratic Constitution by Brian Butler.jpg